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The new 2020 Elite 2 bike carrier has a single layer deck, which could carry 2 bikes (total loading capacity of 48lbs or  22kg) and includes a single layer Polycarbonate deck with 4 TreeFrog vacuum cups, each rated to hold 110kg, 2 fork mounts and 2 robust, Velcro-closure rear wheel holders. Elite 2 is recommended to carry road, gravel, triathlon, cyclocross bike. No mountain and e-bike for this model!!! The rack’s universal fork mounts securely hold either 2 standard 9mm quick releases or 12x100mm forks, no need to switch out fork mounts! Not available with 15x100mm, 15x110mm or 20x110mm thru axle and Lefty fork mounts! The TreeFrog Elite 2 is a great choice for couples with small cars or for anyone who likes to travel to rides or races with another rider.

TreeFrog Elite 2 Vacuum Mounted Road Bike Rack

    • Weighs about 8lbs
    • Recommended to carry road, gravel, triathlon, cyclocross bikes
    • Carries 2 Bikes up to 48lbs total
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