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Part of the anime line at Wolfbite. Yare yare daze...still looking for a pair of gloves that will hit the mark and be stylish at the same time? Well you've found them with the bizarre yet adventurous design of these gloves! Keep them punches in bunches and you'll always be a step ahead of the competition.

Engineered as an accessible fitness glove ideal for mixed fitness sessions and quick sparring. With a durable hook and loop restraining system, these gloves are ideal for short and medium duration sessions, especially fitness training. 100% natural moisture-proof leather and antimicrobial inner fabric makes these gloves a lasting purchase.

These gloves use INFINITI-ARMOR technology to protect you in all training situations. INFINITI-SHELL technology makes sure this protection is as unobtrusive as possible by using precisely molded layers of foam that provide a snug fit while still allowing for natural motion.

Jojo's Star Platinum Hook & Loop Anime Series Boxing Gloves

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