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  • Punch Count - You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Knowing exactly how many punches you threw in training will make you accountable and get you to work harder.
  • Punch Speed - Use punch speed to work on your combinations. The data will let you see how fast you can put them together.
  • Intensity Score - The Intensity Score is the ultimate metric to help you get combat ready. It measures your physical output so you know how combat fit you are.
  • Sweat Proof - Sweat it out! The trackers can take it.
  • High Accuracy - The Hykso Trackers record over 6000 data points for every single punch, in order to accurately identify your punch and it’s velocity.


Hykso Wearable Boxing Punch Trackers

SKU: 866168000302
$349.99 Regular Price
$299.99Sale Price
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