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Precision Punch Analytics

Elevate your training with data-driven precision

Dive into unparalleled insights with our Precision Punch Analytics.

Uncover the science behind each strike—track punch speed, optimize acceleration, and receive a 5-star rating on the Fight Back App.


Effortlessly link your PunchStorm Trackers to your smartphone

Stay in the zone while real-time data syncs with the Fight Back App, offering instant performance feedback for unmatched training progress. Unlike other punch trackers, the Fight Back App does not have a monthly fee and is free to download and use. Set up is fast and easy. Making training that much more enjoyable!


Embrace versatility with the PunchStorm Trackers as your Training Partner

From bag workouts to sparring, adapt seamlessly with wearable sensors. Receive dynamic insights into punch counts and improve your game with a comprehensive overview of your training regimen.


Total Immersion, Total Endurance

Immerse yourself in Total Endurance with PunchStorm Trackers.

Dive into 25 hours of non-stop tracking.

Train harder, train longer, and let the long-lasting battery life fuel your commitment to becoming a better boxer.

Your endurance, our technology—unleash the potential

Boxing Arsenal PunchStorm Trackers Punch Counters

    • Track punches from Jabs to powershots in real time data when using the Fight Back App
    • Get your punch count, speed, and reaction time
    • For use while doing bagwork, sparring, or even shadow boxing
    • Easy set up, be ready to go in minutes!
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