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Part of the anime line and one of the favorites at Wolfbite. Release the inner beast while being fully-protected and comfortable. These gloves are inspired by the anime "Berserk" and pay homage to the late Kentaro Miura.

Built for excellent speed and performance, and like Guts' sword, feels like a natural extension to your body. Ideal for extended sessions of sparring, training, bag and mitt work, these gloves provide uncompromised performance with excellent safety and comfort.

INFINITI-SHELL technology combines precisely molded layers of foam that provide a snug fit while still allowing for natural motion. INFINITI-ARMOR extends this comfort and speed to provide ultimate impact protection and powerful force delivery through the use of multiple padding elements of differing compressibility. 100% natural moisture-proof leather and antimicrobial inner fabric makes these boxing gloves a durable training partner.

Beast of Darkness Special Edition Laced Boxing Gloves

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